The Basingstoke & Reading Circuit Plan

The circuit plan shows the details of all planned services and preachers at each of the churches for the period shown by the dates in the column headings.

Note: the plan is provided in Acrobat document format.    

See our Churches page for information on any of the individual Circuit Churches shown on the plan.

Basingstoke & Reading Circuit Plan - Winter 2017 (December 2017 to February 2018)

Basingstoke & Reading Circuit Plan - Autumn 2017 (September to November 2017)

Circuit Plan Changes

Any changes to current or future Circuit Plan appointments will be shown below:

Changes to the Winter 2017 Plan

Service Date      Time     Church     Planned Preacher     Replacement Preacher 
3rd Dec 2017     10:30am   Tadley Common    Joan Coomber    Joint service at St. Mary's 
17th Dec 2017   10:30am   Burghfield Common   Angela Slark   Sarah Whithorn
17th Dec 2017   10:30am   Mortimer   None   Henry Stroud
17th Dec 2017   11:00am   Oakridge   None   Tracey Darling
24th Dec 2017   10:30am   Caversham Gosbrook Rd   Anthonia Allen   Local Arrangement
24th Dec 2017   6:30pm   Caversham Heights   Service will be at 11:15pm   No change
24th Dec 2017   10:30am   Whitley   Henry Stroud   No service
7th Jan 2018   10:30am   Old Basing   Angela Slark   Denise Baugh
21st Jan 2018   10:30am   Caversham Heights   Rev David Jenkins   Rev Nigel Jones
28th Jan 2018   10:30am   Tadley Main Road   None   Rev John Sumitra
4th Feb 2018   10:30am   Trinity, Basingstoke   Denise Baugh   Stephen Appiah
11th Feb 2018    10:30am    Whitley    David Wise    Colin Ferguson
18th Feb 2018   10:30am   Caversham Heights   Colin Ferguson   David Wise


Changes to the Autumn 2017 Plan

Service Date      Time     Church     Planned Preacher     Replacement Preacher 
3rd Sept 2017   10:30am   Old Basing   Anthonia Allen   Henry Stroud
10th Sept 2017   10:30am   Whitely   Anthonia Allen   John Coleman
17th Sept 2017   3:00pm   Burnt Hill   Rev Jenny Dowding   Rev Valerie Fisher
17th Sept 2017   10:30am   Whitely   John Coleman   Anthonia Allen
17th Sept 2017   11:00am   Oakridge   John Marsh   Terry Rowell
1st Oct 2017   10:30am   Mortimer   Maria Howard   Stephen Appiah
1st Oct 2017   10:30am   Old Basing   Rev Alison Parker   Terry Rowell
15th Oct 2017   10:30am   Emmanuel   Harvest Festival with Sacrament    
15th Oct 2017   10:30am   Wesley   Rev David Shaw   Stephen Appiah
15th Oct 2017   10:30am   Kempshott   Rev Valerie Fisher   Tracey Darling and Rev Alison Parker
15th Oct 2017   11:00am   Oakridge   Linda Hoe   Linda Hoe / Christine Embleton (WL)
15th Oct 2017   6:00pm   Trinity Basingstoke   Rev Ruth Midcalf   Rev Alison Parker
15th Oct 2017   6:30pm   Emmanuel   Rev Valerie Fisher   Rev Ruth Midcalf
15th Oct 2017   6:30pm   Wesley   Rev David Shaw   Peter Frank
22nd Oct 2017   10:30am   Whitley   John Marsh   Rev Valerie Fisher
29th Oct 2017   10:30am   Mortimer   Angela Slark   Lesley Martin
29th Oct 2017   3:00pm   Trinity, Basingstoke   Service now at 10:30am    
12th Nov 2017   10:30am   Tadley Common   Joan Coomber   Kim Kelly
19th Nov 2017   10:30am   Old Basing   LA   Rev Alison Parker (B)
19th Nov 2017   10:30am   Welsey   Margaret Siziba   Robin Gowers
26th Nov 2017   10:30am   Mortimer   John Marsh   Tony Bell