St Andrew's - Interior photos

The new St. Andrew's Church building was completed in August 2012 and is now in regular use for both community and church use.  The pictures below show how the inside of the new building looks and the use to which it is being put.  

m IMG 0058

The Mug and Biscuit Coffee area.

Easily accessible through electric outer doors and with no steps.


The Mug and Biscuit is part of St Andrew's and is open on:

Tuesdays 10am-2pm (lunch served from 12noon for £1.50)

Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, 10am-12noon.

The Mug and Biscuit serve hot and cold drinks, homemade cakes and other snack treats. An ideal place to meet a friend, make a friend, find a listening ear, drop in and enjoy!

m IMG 0584

Quiet Room

- ideal for small groups/meetings of up to 10-12 people

m IMG 0042

Main hall

showing seats arranged for worship or for a meeting.

m IMG 0062

Photo showing main hall.

The main hall can be divided into up to 3 sections.

Each section is an ideal space for up to 30-40 people.

The back section has its own hatch to the kitchen.

The main hall can be used as multi-purpose rooms for e.g. meetings, conferences.

The whole building has been designed for easy access for those with disabilities.


Small hall

- ideal for meetings/events

with smaller groups up to

20/30 people