About Whitley

There is a notice board outside to indicate our presence, but only on Sundays.

The room we meet in has to be prepared for worship and tidied away at the end of each service, we have a cupboard to store our belongings.  This has lead to the nickname of 'the church in the cupboard'.

Our average Sunday morning congregation is 20 - 25. Mostly elderly (70+) although there are some younger people. Tea and coffee (we are fully committed to Fairtrade products) is served after the service, giving a time for conversation and fellowship.  Our congregation is very loyal and supportive of each other and very welcomng to any visitors.

We prefer to sing hymns from Hymns and Psalms but have been known to try and learn some of the modern music now available and that some visiting preachers use.  We are grateful for visiting pianists to assist in worship.

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