Recycling at Trinity

Note: Recycling of the Danone Yoghurt Pots and Actimel containers and the collection of Baby Wipes ceased at the end of December 2014.

GOOD NEWS! We are still collecting biscuit wrappers and these can be any brand of 'non-savoury' biscuit including ones from Morrisons, Sainsbury's etc. So keep piling them in the box or the blue bin outside.  If you collect them in a carrier bag, no need to empty it out. Just pop the bag in as it is. We are also collecting the Kenco Eco refill pouches.  
Note: The blue bin is located down the slope at the side of Sarum Hall outside (near to the Community Church).

We can now also recycle Air and Home Care products as follows:

  1. All brands and sizes of plastic bottle caps and plastic trigger heads (use for air care and home cleaning products such as kitchen / bathroom cleaner sprays)
  2. All brands and sizes of flexible wipe packaging (used for home cleaning products)
  3. All brands and sizes of pumps and caps for home cleaning products
  4. All brands and sizes of plastic air freshener packaging (please remove any cardboard, usually the back, or other recyclable components and recycle these with your household collections)
  5. All brands and sizes of plastic air fresheners and air freshener cartridges.  This programme does not collect glass cartridges, as these can be recycled through your standard household recycling.

Waste that is NOT accepted

  • Fabric care / detergent product caps or home cleaning tools
  • Toilet cleaner or bleach product caps
  • Pest control spray product caps (i.e fly / bug spray)
  • Window cleaner or furniture polish product caps
  • Flexible wipe packaging for non-home cleaning products (i.e. baby wipes packaging, face wipes packaging)
  • Glass Air Fresheners and Air Freshener Cartridges, Air and Home Care related Aerosols and Plastic Bottles / Containers can all be recycled with your standard household recycling.

All money raised from our recycling goes to our Girl's Brigade who in turn use the money to support the CONTESA Girl's home in Zambia.  So don't throw your rubbish away.  Help us turn it into cash!

Many thanks, Hazel Green, Heather Peacock, Angela Smith

Recycling of Ink Cartridges and Mobile Phones

Unfortunately it is no longer financially worthwhile recycling Ink Cartridges and Mobile Phones, so we won't be continuing to do this, but we would like to sincerely thank everyone for all their support over the years.

Jennifer and Tony Pitt

Used Spectacles

The Lions Club collect all used spectacles for the third world. If you have some old spectacles that you no longer want, there are collection points in Basingstoke town centre or at the various opticians.