For Preachers at Trinity

Church details

Location: Sarum Hill close to its junction with Winchester Road, Basingstoke

Postcode: RG21 8SR

OS Map co-ordinates: SU 635 518

Trinity Basingstoke Map

Parking: There is parking on the church premises, a space is reserved alongside the front
of the building for the minister/preacher.

Contacts: Trinity Office

Morning Worship (10.30am)

Type of Service Family worship
Number in congregation 70
Congregation profile Mixed with children and young people of all ages
Children's Address Yes
Offering Taken to suit preacher
Congregational Prayer book Yes


Evening Worship (6.00pm) - Not on the last Sunday of the month.

Type of Service  Reflective?
Number in congregation 12 to 20
Congregation profile Mainly older. Note: Some members of the congregation come from other Basingstoke churches which do not have an evening service.
Children's Address No
Offering Taken to suit preacher
Congregational prayer book Yes



Song books

Hymns & Psalms, Sing to the Lord (local worship book).
Index to STL: Sing to the Lord Index
Organist has Singing the Faith and words could be projected

CCL? CCL no. 21985
Service books Methodist Service Book
Audio-Visual system

Trinity now has projection facilities available in Church most weeks. There are two screens for the congregation and another screen at the back of the Church that you will be able to see. This is a fairly new venture and at present it is not always possible to provide this due to lack of manpower. (Projection is not normally available for Evening Services which take place in the Lounge.)

We usually project the words to hymns but can also include other material (e.g. Readings, Prayers and responses, DVD clips, Sermon illustrations, PowerPoint, etc.) if required. We have the words to all of Hymns & Psalms, 4 volumes of Songs of Fellowship, and our local song book already available at present, and other books are being added.

If you would like the screen to be used during your service, please check before you begin your service preparation that it will be available that week. Please contact Jennifer Pitt or the Church Office on 01256 816173 for this information.

Please see further notes below regarding projection.

Sound system Radio mic for preacher and various fixed mics
Bible version  Good News Version
Worship leaders available? Yes see Circuit People for contacts
Readers available? Yes, please request.


General Information

Seating Fixed pews
Services conducted from Pulpit
Toilets Yes
Pre-service contact Contact from steward
Refreshments After morning service
Order of service Please provide by noon on Wednesday prior to the service.
Note: only the hymns & readings are required, the order of service is no longer printed in full on the service sheet.



Projection Facilities

Please also bear the following points in mind when preparing a service.

  1. If you wish readings to be projected, please state which translation you want and then ensure that you also make this known to the Church Office when you submit your Order of Service.
  2. At no point will we project anything straight from the Internet. (Apart from this being unreliable, it is impossible to be certain that inappropriate material isn’t projected.)
  3. Material will not be added on the day of the service.
  4. If it is just hymns to be projected, we do not require the information any earlier than our normal Wednesday deadline. If more is required than this, then please speak to the projectionist to see when they will need the material. You will be given contact details when you speak to Jennifer or the Church Office.
  5. Not all clips found on YouTube or other sites can be used successfully on the screen. Your projectionist will advise on this.
  6. You will not be able to advance slides yourself. The projectionist will do that. It may be helpful to provide an approximate “script” for the projectionist so that they know when to advance, or you can indicate to them to do so.
  7. Please make sure that you follow Copyright guidelines for things you wish to project.
  8. If there is a power failure on the day, there will be no screen; though unlikely it has happened!
  9. (It is possible for you to connect your own laptop to the projectors, and to manage everything yourself for the whole service, but not to mix this with our offer above within a service. If you wish to do this, please contact Jennifer or the Church Office well in advance so that you can be shown how to do this. It will not be possible to try this for the first time when you arrive on the Sunday morning.)

Faith & Worship Resources

See the following Faith & Worship Resources web page on the Methodist Church site which has information and resources for Preachers, including Service Report Forms for Preachers on Note or Trial.


CCLI Song Search

Please see the CCLI Song Search web page to confirm if hymns or songs are covered by a CCLI licence.