For Preachers at Silchester

Church details

Location: Pamber Road, Silchester, Reading - At the junction of King's Road, Soke Road & Pamber Road.

Postcode: RG7 2NY

OS Map co-ordinates: SU 623 625

Silchester Map

Parking: There is parking in the church grounds

Contacts: Gill Lawson

Morning Worship (10.30am)

Type of Service We welcome different styles of worship
Number in congregation 15 to 18
Congregation profile Mainly older. Rarely any children.
Offertory taken As preacher wishes



Hymn books Hymns & Psalms, Songs of Fellowship (1-4 combined)
Service books Methodist Service Book 1975
Readers available? Yes
Prayer leaders available? Yes, with reasonable notice
Worship Leaders available? Yes - see Circuit People for contacts


General Information

Seating Pews
Services conducted from Lectern
Public address system Roving & fixed microphones, T-loop system
Toilets Yes
Pre-service contact Letter or email
Notices Printed monthly; announced before service
Refreshments After morning service
Congregation prayer list Occasionally

Faith & Worship Resources

See the following Faith & Worship Resources web page on the Methodist Church site which has information and resources for Preachers, including Service Report Forms for Preachers on Note or Trial.


CCLI Song Search

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