For Preachers at Mortimer

Church details

Location: 17 West End Road, Mortimer Common, Reading.

Postcode: RG7 3TB

OS Map co-ordinates: SU 652 645

Mortimer Map

Parking: There is parking on the church premises and free parking at the car park next to the fire station. 

Contacts: Donald Fraser (Senior Steward)

Morning Worship (10.30am)

Type of Service Open
Number in congregation 30+
Congregation profile Wide range up to 90 years.

Members/Leaders of Junior Church stay for the early section of the service.
The Children’s ages range from 0-13
Please include a short talk suitable for primary age children during the early part of the service.
We prefer the Lord’s prayer to be said during the first part of the service while the children are present and welcome a prayer for the Children as they leave for their classes.

Offertory taken This is taken up before the children leave for Junior Church and the children usually assist.
Local participation Congregation participation available on request. Detail given in
contact letter.
Preparation for worship A chorus just before the beginning of the service immediately after the notices have been read out. Chorus chosen by members of the congregation.



Hymn books Singing the Faith (preferred song book)
Songs of Fellowship combined (vols 1 - 4)
Hymns & Psalms
Words are shown on overhead screen when there is a projectionist available
CCL? Christian Copyright Licence #307733
Service books New Methodist Worship Communion Service Books
Bible version  New International Version (NIV)
Readers available? Yes
Prayer leaders available? Yes
Worship Leaders available?

Yes - see Circuit People for contacts

Please advise us if you would like the assistance of a Worship Leader to introduce songs, to lead any general prayers or to help with the intercessions. We will have readers available for any Bible Readings you would like to include.


General Information

Seating Moveable chairs
Public address system Roving and fixed microphones with T-loop, CD player available
Overhead projector Yes
Sound & Projection System HDMI & VGA input. Presentation and photos etc. can be shown via memory stick, preferably sent in advance of the service.
Pre-service contact Information sent by email or letter to preacher, telephone call a few days before the service date. Hymns and readings to steward by Wednesday evening.
Notices The church “Bulletin” is printed monthly but the Steward will emphasize some notices prior to the start of the service. After these, and prior to handing the service over to the Minister or Local Preacher, a short Chorus from Songs of Fellowship will be sung and candles lit.
Refreshments Served after the service
Intercessions A prayer request book/sheet is available in the foyer. During the service the Duty Steward will bring to you any prayers that have been entered for inclusion in the intercessions.

Faith & Worship Resources

See the following Faith & Worship Resources web page on the Methodist Church site which has information and resources for Preachers, including Service Report Forms for Preachers on Note or Trial.


CCLI Song Search

Please see the CCLI Song Search web page to confirm if hymns or songs are covered by a CCLI licence.