Our Church


Kempshott Methodist Church has been serving the community for around 100 years.  Its buildings have been considerably altered and changed over that time.

However its core Methodist belief, that Church should be accessible to all, has remained with it since the first building was opened in 1912.

We hope that our church has a relaxed and honest atmosphere where both regular and occasional attendees can find peace and purpose, both during a service and by meeting people in friendship.

Our Church is a place where we believe that having fun and finding friendship is an important part of the life of the Church.

We have a number of activies other than Sunday Worship where people of all ages can relax and enjoy friendship.

These are outlined in this welcome pack and, for the social groups, attending Church is not a prerequisite of joining any group and everyone is welcome.

If you find anything of interest, please contact any of us for a chat about what we do.

News and up to date notices can be found by clicking on "Diary Dates" which is one of the links on the right of the main Kempshott Page.

If you want to contribute to discussion or post your thoughts, contact Colin How on the Contacts page.

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