Church details

Location: Woodcote Road, Caversham, Reading. Corner of Woodcote Road (A4074) and Highmoor Road.

Postcode: RG4 7BG

OS Map co-ordinates: SU 704 753

Caversham Heights Map

Parking: There is limited parking on the church premises and street parking in Highmoor Rd.

Contacts: David Cliffe


Early Morning Communion (9.00am) - first Sunday of the month

Type of Service Traditional
Number in congregation 20
Congregation profile Mainly older


Morning Worship (10.30am)

Type of Service Flexible, but see notes on service structure in Appendix 1 below
Number in congregation 80 - 100
Congregation profile  Possibly a few children under 12
All age address Yes, if children are present
Children leave After 2nd hymn
Offertory taken To suit preacher, but after children leave


Evening Worship (6.30pm) - on alternate Sundays, normally the 2nd and 4th of each month

Type of Service We encourage thoughtful innovation in our evening services.
Number in congregation 10 - 15
Congregation profile Mainly older
Offertory taken To suit preacher



Hymn books Singing the Faith; Hymns & Psalms; Born in Song (own collection, index in Appendix 2)
CCL? Christian Copyright Licence #244559
Service books Methodist Worship Book 1999
Readers available? Yes
Prayer leaders available? Yes


General Information

Seating Chairs
Services conducted from Lectern or preaching station on platform
Public address system Comprehensive - see Appendix 3
Toilets Yes
Pre-service contact Email
Notices Printed; late additions announced
Refreshments Served after morning service
Congregation prayer list Yes
Disabled access Full disabled access including toilet facilities is available



 Appendix 1

We use Singing the Faith; Hymns and Psalms; and the church’s own hymn supplement, Born in Song (for Index see Appendix 2). These are projected onto a screen at the front of the church by our AV system; a monitor beside the lectern provides the preacher with sight of exactly what the congregation can see. If you could indicate the hymn number and the first line, this can be passed on to the organist along with any preference you indicate for tunes. If you would like to use any other hymns or songs please provide details so that these can be loaded on to our system, please see the enclosed information regarding this.

For your information, our morning services are recorded and taken to the housebound the following week. If you would rather the service is not recorded, please let us know when you send your order of service. Although Caversham Heights Methodist Church has a copyright licence, it does not cover all special/new hymns that you might wish to use. Legally it is the preacher’s responsibility to have obtained copyright permission. Appendix 4, below, lists the small number of StF hymns which we do not have permission to copy or project using our AV system. Without express permission we cannot therefore use them in morning worship. We do have enough copies of the StF book to cover evening services, so preachers at evening worship need not feel constrained.

The church also has a sound system which includes facilities for playing cassette tapes or CDs. Clip-on or hand-held microphones are available for use.

If you wish, Stewards can arrange for members of the congregation to read the Bible passages at any service. So that we may find readers it would be helpful if we could have your order of service as early in the week as possible. Copies of the New International Version are available and readings are displayed on the screen. If you would like a particular translation to be read, please let us know.

Preachers will be glad to have accurate information about the presence of children during the morning service, and some guidance as to what is expected for them. Unfortunately, at present such accuracy is hard to provide; the number of children is small and unpredictable. It would nevertheless be appreciated if preachers were to bear in mind the possibility that children will be present when choosing the first two hymns and by preparing a talk for them following the opening prayers—don't forget that the traditional Children's Address is often appreciated by the adults too! If children are present, they will leave for their own session after the second hymn; again, a prayer with the children before they leave will be much appreciated.

When the young people are not present at the beginning of the morning service (e.g. at a Communion service) the format of the service will be at the discretion of whoever is taking the service.

Appendix 2- Born in Song

See separate Acrobat PDF document containing Appendices 2, 3 & 4.