For Preachers at Wesley, Reading

Church details

Location: 84 Queens Road, Reading at the junction with Watlington Street.

Postcode:  RG1 4BW

OS Map co-ordinates: SU 722 732

Wesley Map 

Parking: The church has its own car park.

Contacts: Wesley Church Enquiries

Morning Worship (10.30am)

Type of Service Main church family celebration
Number in congregation 100+
Congregation profile  Mixed, with children of all ages, multiracial
All age address Yes. Note that many younger children sit with their families in the congregation
Children leave Usually after the 2nd hymn
Offertory taken As the preacher wishes
Music Players on rota play piano or organ. Availability of other musicians is variable. If you would like a music group, it is best to give plenty of notice.
Worship leaders Available - contact Wesley Worship leaders
General guidance Our worship team plans themed series from time to time; you may be invited to take part in one of these.


Evening Worship (6.30pm)

Type of Service With a smaller congregation, this may be more mediative
Number in congregation 15 - 30
Congregation profile Mainly older
Other Customary for congregation to sit quietly after evening service to listen to music before leaving the building



Hymn books Singing the Faith, Hymns & Psalms, Worship Songs (own compilation), see index here:
 Appendix 1 - Index to Worship Songs - download or view PDF document
Can copy most hymns if required.
CCL? Christian Copyright Licence #294592
Pew Bibles New International Version (NIV)
Service books Methodist Worship Book 1999 
Readers available? Yes
Prayer leaders available? Yes
AV system

Built in. Normally used for morning worshp to display words for hymns and readings.
Please let the steward know what you want by Thursday evening for the service to beprepared for display.
If using hyms from sources other than the hymn books listed above, please make sure that music will be available.
If you want to project additional material, seek the steward's advice.
The projection system is not usually used with the smaller congregation in the evening.


General Information

Seating Pews
Services conducted from Lectern
Public address system Roving and fixed microphones, T-loop system
Toilets Yes
Pre-service contact Steward will make contact
Notices Printed supplemented by screen shots
Refreshments After morning service
Congregation prayer list Yes
Background Wesley has a worship team, meeting with the ministers to guide the direction of worship. Preachers are welcome to contact us at any time:
Contact Jonathan Brown on 0118 986 2734




Faith & Worship Resources

See the following Faith & Worship Resources web page on the Methodist Church site which has information and resources for Preachers, including Service Report Forms for Preachers on Note or Trial.


CCLI Song Search

Please see the CCLI Song Search web page to confirm if hymns or songs are covered by a CCLI licence.